Research Interests

Constructions of gender and sexuality in antiquity, especially in Homer, as well as queer interpretations of ancient literature more broadly. Greek tragedy and lyric poetry. Queer theory. Reception and translation studies.

Academic CV

Available here.

(Last updated: January 2023. Currently out-of-date.)


Barefaced Greek

hippolytus: a queer dionysia


CAMWS 2024: “Sappho’s Garden: A Queer Utopia?”

CAC 2024: “Herodotus, the ‘Trick of Wine’, and Discourses of Wine-Drinking in the Histories”

SCS 2023: “Helen in Trans-Lation: Putting a Trans Helen on Stage”

CAMWS 2023: “Intimate Partner Violence in Early Imperial Rome: Evidence from Tacitus”; “

What is Gender in Antiquity?: Applying Queer and Trans Methodologies to Classics: A Roundtable”

CAC 2022: “Podcasting the Classics in Canada Roundtable”


Forthcoming: “Natural and Unnatural,” with Laura Harris, in A Cultural History of Trans Lives in Antiquity, edited by Ky Merkley and Chris Mowat, expected 2027.

Other Recent Work

Previously completed theses:
2023: “Animal House: Circe and Queer Identity in Homer’s Odyssey” (MA in Classics, UW-Madison)
2020: “Doing Manhood, Doing Death: Grief and Gender Performance in the Iliad” (MA in Classics, King’s College London)
2019: “Talking Without Speaking: The Silencing of Raped Women in Greek Tragedy” (BA Honours in Classical Studies, University of British Columbia)

Graduate coursework on topics including: Herodotus, Catullus, Aristophanes’s Lysistrata, Senecan tragedy, Euripides’s Helen, Augustan literature (broadly construed), Homer’s Odyssey, and the Greek lyric poets.

Please feel free to inquire by email if you would like to see drafts of specific works named above.